Vehicle Wrap Mockup Design

This branding project for Yanni’s Heating and Air Conditioning in New Braunfels, Texas, included a custom logo, brand style guide, business card design, letterhead design, uniform design, and WordPress website. I used their new brand style guide to create a mockup and provide artistic direction to the vehicle wrap company who handled that aspect of the project.

Yanni’s Branding Project

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Realtor Logo

Heather Roberts needed a realtor logo for her personal brand that quickly communicated professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and customer service.

The answers she provided in my questionnaire, gave me insights into their goals, target audience, and competition. Meeting Heather at different times during the project, also helped me get to know her and enabled me to create a logo that would best represent her.


Heather received a logo design in several layouts and color combinations. I also created a brand style guide to help her keep her new visual brand consistent. It includes examples of each logo variation, the typeface used, and usage rules the font and logo versions.


“Jen created a logo and overall branding for my business and did it with wonderful communication and professionalism. She took into account not only what I wanted to represent, but also what I didn’t. Her process was methodical and creative, and in the end, she created something that I will be proud to represent me and my business for years to come.”

Heather Roberts
Realtor | New Braunfels, Texas



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